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Apr 26, 2011 By Annon
A Really Special Book
The children in, "Daddy Fixes Everything" are very upset by their hampster dying, but by the end of the story they find peace in knowing that their little pet lives on in many ways. In bringing a realistic end to a very upsetting issue this book addresses death in a straight forward way that is entirely appropriate for children. Ronen Divon writes in a pared down style that makes the dialogue more powerful for being succinct. Annalisa Premoli has done a superb job of illustrating the story. Her imagery takes you into a different world--much like a movie does, actually. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
Mar 24, 2011 By Peggy Davidson
Thank you for this insightful book. It brought both me and my daughter comfort.
I was actually surprised by the feelings it brought up in me, even though it’s a picture book for children. Parts of it remain with me.
Thanks again,
Feb 3, 2011 By Toni Leone
As a classroom teacher for grade school children and a lover of picture books, I can honestly say that this book is high on my list for dealing with the loss of four-legged friends, or anybody for that matter.
Ronen's honest and spiritual take on life and death are approachable for all children and adults of any religious or cultural background. It would be a great asset for any parent, classroom teacher, social worker or child psychologist.
The illustrations are warm and inviting and create a space of beauty to showcase the true nature of life, that which passes but leaves an impact on our hearts. This book sheds so much light on a subject that should not be kept in the dark. Thanks, Ronen and the entire Divon family for sharing your story!
Jan 23, 2011 By Eyal Danay
Owner, Barkingham Palace Pet Store and Kennel, Port Washington, NY
Amazing book. A colorful way to present a dark subject. Thank you for writing this story.
Jan 10, 2011 By Smadar Katz 
At last, an author who's brave enough to write children's book about death. An original, simple and sensitive way to deal with that painful subject. The book caused a very special conversation among my relative kids about topics they had avoided so far. The illustrations are wonderful, made with high respect for the good taste of kids. 
Jan 1, 2011 By Yael Rivlin 
It has been extremely helpful when our dog died and helping my 4 kids cope with her death. There are no books out there to help shed light for children on this issue. I highly recommend it for everyone – keep it in your house; read it to your kids, you never know when you will really need it! Thanks from the Very tired mom of 4
Jan 2, 2011 By Annette Zygmunt
Beautifully written, sensitive and compassionate - this book helps parents help their children to confront the death of a beloved animal or person. Mr. Divon' story presents the issues surrounding loss with great clarity and honesty and ends with optimism hope and a little touch of magic.
Jan 2, 2011 By Ran Baron 
Daddy Fixes Everything is an amazing book for dealing with the difficult subject of death. It sheds light in a unique perspective dealing with the issue of loss in a fresh and spiritual perspective. The book is beautifully written, and the art work is mesmerizing. Highly recommended! 
Nov 2, 2010 By Ian 
A quick note to say how much we enjoyed the book and found comfort in it, following the departure of our pet hamster. It’s never an easy task to console children but this book made it easier and palatable. I especially liked the sense of humor and the fact the book uses simplified manner to explain abstract concepts that are anything but. The children still ask for the book several nights a week. 
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